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  About Us  

This Trust will perform the following activities for the welfare of human being without any bar to cast, race, creed, religion, language, region or color.

It will work to develop the spiritual level and to provide facilities regarding education of the country. It will encourage and help to fulfill such work. For this purpose, it will establish Primary, Secondary, various colleges computer training centers, Hostels. And it will work to provide books, Note Books, Fees, Scholarship loan to the poor and needy students.

It will wore to run dispensaries, Maternity homes, hospitals child welfare centers, Family planning centers, to provide medical and surgical services, blood donation and eye donation camps. And Medical services.
It will run relief activities during natural & manmade disasters like drought, Flood, scarcity, epidemics, earth quacks, fire, war, to salve the problems of shelter less people of village and town.

It will work encourage activities regarding legal & approved sports and games. It will purchase and maintain the equipments for that it will establish & maintain gymkhana. It will work to organize out door and indoor games, and organize competitions and give prides and awards to the winners, and to organize competitions at state and national level.

It will work to obtain govt. aid to establish veterinary hospitals, to return cattle's by artificial insemination to run panjara pole, Gaushala (sd) veterinary hospitals.

It will work to serve purpose of the trust, it will organize conferences. Exhibitions, meetings, lectures, workshops, religious and secular meetings. It will publish monthly journals and literature, establish and run Press and library and achieve all rights regarding that. It will work to run (sd) recharging wells, water shed abd resources schemes, development of waste land and lifting.

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